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    Skincare: Herbivore Botanicals Review

    I’ve been feeling guilty lately when it comes to being a consumer, especially a consumer of skincare & beauty items. I have a few Neutrogena products that I have used religiously…

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    beauty Giveaway

    Giveaway: Herbivore Botanicals

    To celebrate the new year, I’m giving away two Herbivore Botanicals products to one winner on Instagram! I love that this brand is based out of Seattle & their products are…

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    Skincare Must Have: Vitamin C Serum

    I am a skincare product snob. I have been ever since my beautiful friend and Dior makeup artist got me hooked on Dior skincare items. I hold their skincare items in…

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    spring breeze

    I’ve been MIA for the past three weeks. After my business trip to Portland I fell ill & its taken 3 weeks to start feeling better. It’s been absolutely energy draining…

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    Color Storm

    I’m in love with colored hair at the moment. I went aqua blue & black in September last year. I changed to custom red magenta and black style this month. There…

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    I’m excited. I’ve joined the smart phone world with a new Droid 2, and I love it. I went to the Verizon Store last Friday to pick out a phone as…