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Four Days in London: Days 1 & 2

It’s September 1! Already. Oh my goodness, and what better day to continue my UK travel posts than today in honor of Harry Potter!

I adore London. It’s a city that from the moment I stepped foot there, it felt right. Finding my way around the city was easy, using the tube a breeze…having a pint in a pub, it’s all just…right.

I had big plans this second time to the city, all my places marked off. The focus of the trip and whole reason my family and I were abroad was for Depeche Mode, so it was fitting in what I could around that evening. It felt like I didn’t have enough time to see all I wanted to see this trip…there’s so many places I want to visit still. London keeps calling me back. I guess I’ll have to go!

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Exploring Scotland: Edinburgh

Edinburgh. A city that is now forever a part of my and Ryan’s story. Last autumn during our stay, after 8 years together, Ryan proposed on top of Edinburgh Castle. This city and it’s old, historic charm has stolen…

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Hello from a train in the middle of the UK

I wanted to update daily…honestly I did. I have been so overcome with my experience in London so far…I’ve plenty to write about…but I’ve experienced so much, too much, crossed so many things off a bucket list…that once I…