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It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

After a trip to Ikea last weekend, our townhome is starting to feel a little more put together. We purchased some shelving and book cases so we could de-clutter our counters. It’s starting to look less like a college student’s apartment. With our newly added space, I now have space to make things more festive. I love the Holidays, and I can’t wait to add some more decorations to the house.

For now, I’m dreaming of snow, hot cocoa, and holiday parties.


Sea Queen Shoes

I think these shoes by United Nude are so full of freaking minty green fabulousness I had to post it. These copper & green ones might be even more Sea Queen. So avant garde & fabulous! I’m loving these…

For the Love of Shoes

For the Love of Shoes: Victoria Spruce

With all the shoe posts lately, this seems to be morphing into a shoe and electronica blog. The design gods must have been smiling on me when I started working with a Seattle area fashion designer for her graphics,…

For the Love of Shoes

For the Love of Shoes: United Nude

I’ve been sitting on this brand a while & am finally posting! What a beautiful collection I have stumbled upon. I love the clean and modern design of this brand, United Nude. Even the most intricate, detailed piece is…

For the Love of Shoes

For the Love of Shoes: Ruthie Davis

I love a good shoe design, and when I say good I mean, unique, structurely interesting, fierce and functional. Camilla Skovsgaard and Anastasia Radevich are currently two designers at the top of my list for designing such beautiful heels.…


highway unicorn

Anastasia Radevich is a Canadian footwear designer that I recently stumbled upon, and I absolutely love her designs. I’ve been a bit obsessed with interesting shaped shoes lately, and I’m extremely intrigued by this designer’s style. Her shoes have…