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Rene Ropas: Come Alive Tour

Morgan Carson, owner of Rene Ropas, wowed me again last month at the opening of her Come Alive Tour, an event full of fashion, poetry, dance and music.

Her events leave me brimming with an urge to create. Her style and ability to whip up an outfit on a sewing machine leaves me contemplating what I need to do to get back in touch with the artist inside.

The avant garde creations from Rene Ropas are nothing short of stunning. Not made out of normal material, but everyday objects like Neuro drink bottles and Pop Chip bags.

Not your everyday material, but where’s the fun in normal anyway?

Her ready-to-wear even stands out. It’s more fun and unique than anything you could find in a boutique.

International recording artist DeLon headlined the event and performed, integrating a fashion show with live music.

As usual the event was a hit & I continue to look forward to where the Rene Ropas line will head in the future, as well as continue to be inspired by the ever amazing Morgan Carson.


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