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Surf's up in Kona


Hawaii. My winter escape to sunshine and marine life. For me, it doesn’t matter that every year I go to the same place with my family. We stay in the same condo complex and see the same friends and this is perfectly fine with me. I am baking in the sunshine while the dolphins spin by and the whales spout along the coast. This is the epitome of a mental reset for me.

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Vacation all I ever wanted: Cabo San Lucas

I love my job. I’m blessed to be doing something I love, but about every June/July, I find myself burning out. Overloaded, uninspired and in need of a break where I am completely cut off from email & any…


Whales, Mai Tais & Sunshine – Happy New Year

Last year started the same way – in Kona, Hawaii – being sunburned & loving every minute of it. This year was no different, I was just happy to escape rainy, gray Seattle and spend a week in beautiful…