rag + bone Knitwear & Leather

This sweater was my gateway to an obsession with rag + bone knitwear. I had never purchased any sweaters from rag + bone before, I had a crop top for the summer, but to cheer myself up after last year’s election, I bit the bullet and bought this sweater.

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life style

Dealing With the Autumn & Winter Blues

Hi all, sorry for the lack of posting over the weekend. Ryan and I were out of town for his birthday this weekend and I just didn’t have my normal energy to post on Sunday when we returned home.  I’ve been trying really hard to stick to my schedule of posting but I’ve been struggling with the time change more than normal this year.

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November Reading List

Last year I really started making time for reading again. I setup my goal on Goodreads for 12 books: a book a month, and I ended up reading 19. So I setup my challenge at the beginning of this year for 20 books. October got away from me & while I wanted to read two books, I didn’t finish either of them. So October’s list is bleeding into my November reading list.

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food Holiday / Seasonal

The Essential Autumn Cocktail: Maple Bourbon Apple Cider

Around late September, when the real apple cider starts lining the grocery store’s shelves, it means one thing for this household: it’s officially maple bourbon apple cider season and let me tell you, this recipe is dangerously delicious.

*This post is not sponsored by Maker’s Mark. It’s just the preferred whisky my husband & I regularly purchase.

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festivals Skoolie Bus Adventures

Gazing at the Sun: Global Eclipse Gathering

“I can’t believe we’re dealing with this bullshit just to watch someone turn the sun off for two minutes,” my dear friend Jeff crackled over our walkie talkies. It was 11:30 PM on Wednesday August 16th. My caravan of friends, spread out between 4 vehicles, had been sitting in line to get into the Symbiosis Eclipse Festival in Big Summit Prairie, Oregon since roughly noon that same day.

We were exhausted, buzzed on alcohol, and we just wanted to get into the festival grounds to quickly setup camp and crash until the next morning.

The start of this festival was rough, one of the roughest I’ve ever experienced. And while the struggle was…oh so real by spending a week in a dusty, sometimes wildfire smoke filled prairieland, I look back on this week with nothing but a full heart and contentment and so much love.

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travel Work Trip Photo Diary

San Francisco Photo Diary

Another work trip & another photo diary. I spent a few days in San Francisco for Node Summit to promote one of my team’s open source projects that I designed. My coworker from Romania and I had some time to wander around the city. I was so enthralled by Chinatown and was really glad I had my camera with me. San Francisco reminds me of a larger version of Seattle but with more street art (which I adore.)

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