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C’est Bon Aujourd’hui

I continue to be absolutely busy and swamped, now working two jobs and dealing with school, I only have Sundays off, but I’ve been trying to make time to go out and be social with friends. Tuesday nights are officially pizza nights because this fabulous place called New York Pizza & Bar, has $7 Tuesdays. ANY of their gourmet pizzas are $7, no matter what or how many toppings are on it. I’m glad I finally succeeded in getting people to come out. Last Tuesday was by far the best Tuesday because it was me and Ryan and then 4 other people. We had drinks all around, it is also $2 well night, but I went with something a little more solid since the last plain rum and coke I had there made me sick–cheap rum. So I had a Raspberry Fizzle Martini, which tasted like candy, I will have to order that again. We also got jello shots….

Which are pretty much like….injector shots I guess? They come in fat syringes. Haha, it was funny to take those.

We also ended up going out with our friend Matt to play pool.

I love pool. I’m getting better at it. And now that my parents have a pool table…I’ll have to come home more and play.

School has been ridiculous, project after project.

Kinetic Type Project
WWU ZOmbie’s vs Humans Group Project

The project I’m working on for Interactive Design can be found Here at my blog for that class.

The kinetic type project I would like to redo once I become more familiar with After Effects. I want to make a few different ones though, and actually use Robert Downey Jr’s voice for the one I did. I want to do a few to some songs as well. My list of projects is piling up for next quarter.

I drove home for the weekend, to spend time with my Baka (grandma) since my parents are in Mexico. So I will be here with her for a while. The drive over was a nightmare. Rain for 300 miles and people drive even worse when it is raining. It was stressful.

Today I ran to Macy’s to check out the one day sale, and scored these jeans for $10.

They didn’t have my size for the shoes I wanted of course. Every other freaking girl has to have a size 6-6.5 foot. So I just got the jeans. I was utterly bored with everything else in the store. I’ve got a bit of snob attitude when it comes to clothing now and need to make trips to Seattle in order to be happy with the selection. It’s just so much better.

I got home from Macys and Baka made goulash! My favorite homemade meal ever.

Nothing beats it. 🙂

Well that’s all for now I suppose. Nothing terribly exciting, but this next week should be fairly eventful while I try to keep myself busy with Ry and Luna gone.

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