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“just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”

I have one week of classes left, then finals week. This next week is going to consist of a lot of Red Bull and time in the new media lab which = all nighter week.

My coding for my Westfield project was going swimmingly until I tried to add the key component, an accordion menu, and epic fail. It works fine its own file but the code needs to be adjusted for my project but I don’t know how because its messing with my navigation which is onClick1, onClick2, etc…and the accordion is onClick… bah, I don’t know.

Went home last week, I miss my giant room with yellow walls and my french posters. Can’t wait to move out of this place and find a place further south with Ryan. I have only 2 requirements, big closet, and big bedrooms, well and a yard for Luna. I am excited.

I think Friday got me even more excited because I drove down to Seattle with two other students in the design program to see Danny Yount speak. He is a title sequence designer, and did Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Six Feet Under, the Invasion, Pushing Daisies….he’s done a lot of really bad ass work, and I was absolutely thrilled to see him speak, it was a fairly small event. He seems like a really down to earth, normal guy and I guess I had a different idea of how he would look or present but it was really enjoyable and he is now my hero. And the last 2 minutes were completely worth it, and all I can say is Iron Man 2…..brief but fulfilling clip….oh it was awesome.

We didn’t have a whole lot of time to walk around before the event, due to traffic. Seattle is a nightmare to drive around even when its sunny.

We had to get back so people who didn’t have tickets could get them, but walking around capitol hill with my classmates was fun and I wish we could have sat down and ate somewhere because there were all sorts of restaurants that looked so so so good. I love big city neighborhoods…everything you need is in that area…and there’s so many options. I can’t wait to be closer to Seattle, it is such an awesome city. I wish I could have stayed for the evening and had drinks with everyone and mingled with designers but when you haven’t seen your boyfriend in 10 days and he is coming back for the weekend with a big part of it being for you….you gotta leave at some point. But I’m not complaining, I love my boyfriend and have indeed missed him. So I drove up after finding my way out of Seattle, again a nightmare. Big city driving is not my thing, which is fine because I love walking around.

And Ryan and Luna left for the week again, so I am just hanging out for now. Better get started on working on my design work some more. Cheers.

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