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connected again

Finally after 2.5 weeks, I am up and running again, happily connected to the internet. It was kind of nice in a way to not have any connection at home, but at the same time, I am child of the internet & all recent technology…so it was a little difficult at times.  And then it was almost sad I couldn’t find a phone book so I could call a theater to get show times…I depend on the internet way too much.

Summer finally arrived up here though. I can actually walk around in shorts and a tank top and not be cold.  It’s always nice since I’m almost always cold…I love summer.  I wish it lasted longer up here in Bellingham.  I’ll enjoy it while I can though…we’ve gone out to the ocean a few times, did some splashing around at Locust (below).

If you enlarge the picture you can see the kite surfers. Even the farthest one out was probably only waist deep in water.  The tide goes down so low and it looks like you’re walking on water.  It is an awesome beach and I love going there.

We went to Wenatchee for the 4th of July, and our roommate came with.  We had a good time.  We went out into Ryan’s parent’s orchard, and the boys set up some targets and practiced their shot.  We saw a lot of groundhogs and there was a rattlesnake underneath the truck at one point, we were all inside.  That was kind of exciting. You couldn’t see it in the grass though, but its rattle was distinctive.

And while we were there, Mama D gave me my birthday/graduation present. These Tory Burch Reva Flats. And I loooove them.  I’ve wanted a pair of these forever.  I’ve been limiting how often I wear them though, I don’t want to wear them to death.

The fireworks show was pretty good, the finale was awesome. We got stuck in traffic trying to leave…it took forever…but we were riding in our friend’s H2 Hummer…so we were comfy. Then we went and lit off some sparklers and other fireworks we got that day from one of the stands. I’ve never played with fireworks, not even sparklers! I had a good time.

We got back home and we finally got our new place unpacked some more. This is our front, enclosed patio that just connects to a path down to our backyard, from the front of our house.  It’s pretty sweet, the furniture came with. It’s a very nice chill spot. It’s great.

I’ve been trying to cook more now that we have more space. We’ve been doing team cooking sessions. We made spinach feta stuffed chicken, with rosemary garlic bread, and antipasto salad.  It was delicious.  That turned out to be an awesome meal.

Uh, today was my day off. Work tomorrow…I can’t wait to find a design job! I’m going crazy without a daily creative outlet.

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