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Saturday was a good day. I went out and saw a few fellow design mates at the Copper Hog and had some drinks, and headed to the Royal for some dancing. Specifically wanting to dance to some GAGA, but it was getting late, so I headed with boyfriend and 2 other friends in tow to Rumors, ready to foam pit party it up.

While at drinks with my friends, one of the guys asked if I would go down to Seattle and help him pick out a new wardrobe.  I died for a moment.  I got way too excited!  I definitely established myself as the fashion fiend among my classmates this past year 🙂  And I do not mind that one bit.  People have been asking for my input on clothing and I am happy to give advice.  Now someone wants me to be a personal shopper for the day. That will be a fun day, I’m pretty excited. But back to the evening…

I was so happy to see Ryan’s old roommate. I knew he was down for a foam pit party, and that’s what was going on at the gay bar. And as the same as before, it was fun and slippery and I got to dance to GAGA and Madonna.  It was a good night all around that ended at 5 in the morning with a fire in our fire pit out back.

Ah, summer nights.

Sunday was a lazy day.

You stay up until 5 in the morning and see how you feel! Not something I do often, but there are those nights where you just wish the night would never end and when dawn comes, it’s almost a dreadful feeling.  I suppose it would have been helpful if I had Monday off like I normally do, but I didn’t so I’m sure that didn’t help that feeling.

Last night we had the shock of walking out our front porch to the sight of about 6 cop cars in front of our house. We didn’t know what was going on. I checked the police log this morning and one of the neighbors had a sword and was threatening harm to himself. We thought it was a burglary because they all ditched their cars and started running down the street.  So that was an interesting end to our evening.

My “office”. I’ve made the Lavender Room my office.  I’m in need of a chair, I can’t stand hunching over on the bed. But this is my little escape from the guys. I come in here and watch episodes of Real Housewives and the Hills….it’s my downfall, lol.

As for design, I’ve been trying to keep myself busy at least 4 nights a week with something. I’m in the process of redesigning my portfolio website. I like the way it’s coming along…it’s just a lot cleaner and I’m finally locking in an identity for myself. So it’s progressing nicely.  I’ve also started a series of postcards (above) that I want to feature creatures from the northwest on and have animal facts.  It started with otters because 1) I love them and 2) they’re all over Puget Sound.  That’s another personal ongoing project, and I’ve been working on a memorial tattoo for a friend’s family who lost their 71 day old niece.

So I’m doing good with trying to keep my creative energy in check, and I’m trying to read every day, but this biography about Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire is taking me forever. I used to whiz through 800 page fantasy novels, and they were fairly complex books for my age.

Well that’s it for now. I will try to take more pictures, I’ve been slacking.

On a solemn note, RIP Captain Phil.  I watched the final episodes of Deadliest Catch and watching the scenes with Phil and his sons and then when the captains found out he had passed were such sad scenes.  I did like the Time Bandit’s crew lighting off Fireworks. God bless you Phil, many people respected and still respect you. Peace, Captain.

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