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how fast the summer flies

My life has been increasingly busy, and this last week has been no exception.  I’ve been at work from 8:30-5 each day then get home and work until 9 or 10 on Design. Three, count it, THREE freelance gigs fell into my lap, and I received my first check in the mail today for my first completed gig.  Let me tell you, for an average of $25/hour for a first gig…I’m more than thrilled. Not just about the money, but because I was sitting in front of a computer, working, actually working and getting paid….it’s a beautiful feeling. My second project is up. Check out LaceFace Glass That will be my first website for a client. LaceFace is an amazing glass artist, and you should all check out her work. Either on that site or on

We went down to Everett to see a friend and went to Seattle to go out in the bars.  Men are much more forward and aggressive in the city.  My friend and I were trying to get a drink and there were guys trying to buy us drinks, get our names…I’ve never had that experience in Bellingham, men are much more chill and relaxed up here. It is a smaller city, so you really can’t compare it to Seattle. But we had a good time, I really like going out in the city at night.

We went out to Downtown Johnny’s and Rumors the other night, when one of Ryan’s friends came to visit. I love Rumors, its the gay bar, and they play the best dance music. I am all about dancing.

This Thursday is Daft Punk vs Chromeo at the Wild Buffalo. I am so there! I love the “versus” parties. They’re always a blast.

Some Boundary Bay Amber…I love Boundary Bay, awesome food and awesome beer.

Bob’s Burgers and Brew, awesome drinks and food

Saturday night we went to the final party at the Alamo, which has pretty much been the party house. Jake C, one of the roommates was out in the garage on the torch making a piece for one of the other roommates. There are really no words to describe his work, you have to check it out for yourself, Jake C’s work. Again, another unbelievable artist. I feel so lucky, and Saturday was the first time I’ve seen him make something in person. Really cool stuff.

Sunday was an even better day (my day off!) and a group of 5 of us went out to the Nooksack River and did a 3 1/2 hour float on 3 tubes and an air mattress. Amazing. I had so much fun, it’s like a water park for adults. lol. It was super relaxing, except for a few spots…I got lodged on a rock going around a curve and scratched myself/bruised myself. And there were SO many people…oh my goodness I’ve never seen so many people. But then again, weather in the high 80s, low 90s is unusual for us in Bellingham, so it was no surprise. It has been so hot, everyone is at the lake, the ocean, or the river.

That was a blast though. I went down to Everett with the other girl who came with and we went and had Mexican food at this really good restaurant, but I can’t remember the name of it! The day wore me out and we devoured our food, got some ice cream, and went back and watched Sex and the City, the movie, because I’d never seen it before. And I loved it. I need to watch the series now, and the second movie. I’m going to have Carrie’s closet….someday 🙂

I’ve tried to place myself on a shopping ban until the end of September…but I might have to splurge on some new Burberry makeup and a pair of boots….

I want something pirate-y….well at least one pair of pirate-like boots. I want a lot of pairs of shoes in general…but boots…I could have a closet full of boots and never have enough.

Some more pictures from the past few weeks…it was incredibly hazy and muggy for about a week straight due to wildfires in B.C. so it made for incredible sunsets.

Luna puppy’s eyes…they’re so golden…I love them.

Well, lots to do…kind of…still sending out my resume and portfolio to anything I can find. I’m dying for an in house design job somewhere. I just know that it would be a good environment and fit for me, because I design is so much about collaboration and feedback. Yes I may design something on my own, but I need that input from different view points to get an awesome end product that I’m happy with.

I am searching high & low. I’m thinking since I’m out of a job in November (yay seasonal positions from February to November…), I might try to find an internship if I haven’t landed anything else. Just a waiting game right now…and I’m in the process of redoing my website…making it cleaner…I like where it is finally going…

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