hello new adventure

Well, it finally happened. I found my internship and it is exactly what I wanted and more. It’s for 2 fashion designers, Lina Zeineddine & Morgan Carson, out of Seattle, and I am so excited! It is going to be a whole new adventure and I am looking forward to being involved with their brand and the website and events and everything…this is exactly what I was hoping for and even better it is in Seattle ♥ I am very excited and once things get rolling I will look forward to blogging even more about my experience.

I was in Seattle twice this past week, one for the interview and then for RATATAT. If only I had been feeling better that evening the concert would have been much more enjoyable. And if alcohol prices weren’t freaking ridiculous. $15 for two BOTTOM SHELF rum & coke’s…and by bottom shelf I mean the nasty nasty stuff, so bottom shelf I don’t even know the name, Monarch maybe?

It was fun though, I always enjoy RATATAT’s music and their visuals along with the songs. They had holograms of people in Renaissance dress playing violins, it was really cool. They played all their classics and the songs I wanted to hear off the new album, so once I heard everything, I was ready to go. They didn’t come on until after 11, it was kind of annoying. Doors open at 8, we got there at 9, and then the openers played, they could’ve only used one opener….the second group I didn’t care for so much. I can’t remember their name but when a band opens and their first song’s title involves “Hail Satan” I’m turned off. It was an all ages show too, so lots of kids getting escorted out because of fake IDs…and lots of high schoolers on ecstacy who don’t know what being discreet means…I really don’t want to watch you have an orgy on the dance floor, thanks.

Back up in Bellingham, finally went to Nimbus, and omg, soooooo good!!! I had a salad and these sliders with cranberry sauce and bleu cheese….so good! And the view is just as good…

The bar

And we’ve been going to Bayou on the Bay like every week. I love their BBQ wings & blackened prawn caesar salad….deliciousness every time!

And more food….from the Copper Hog

I don’t normally like Calamari but theirs was really good until I pulled a leg up that was still attached to the other 7 legs and then I was like….that’s too much squid for my taste. 😛 The Copper Hog is always amazing though.

My favorite person in the world came up to visit me this weekend and we had girl time. Much needed girl time that involved an evening of going out and then a day of Keeping Up with the Kardashians while recovering from the previous night. We walked out along the railroad tracks and sat by the bay for almost 2 hours. It was nice, wish we could’ve seen a whale though! It’s close to Orca season, if not Orca season right now. I love the whales. They are such beautiful creatures. I would love to go whale watching again. Just boating around the San Juan Islands is fun.

That’s all for now, I’ve just been working and eating delicious food…and on a shopping ban. I was in Nordstrom twice this week and didn’t purchase a single thing. I did try on the Free People sweater I posted in the previous post….they only had a small and I’m afraid I need an extra small 🙁 so it didn’t look good on me.

Fall is officially here, it has been pouring down rain almost nonstop. Yay fall in Bellingham! Everyone is heading back to school and I am quite weirded out by this feeling of no more school.

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