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Wow, well October flew by. I have been incredibly busy with the internship via telecommute and then the Nature’s Footprint position, which is pretty rad. At least I’m doing something I enjoy 🙂 And I have this pretty rad view of Mt Baker—a volcano.

If I can get my butt out of bed early enough I’m going to stop and snap a few photos of the drive to work. I’ve been neglecting taking photos and my drive is beautiful every morning especially this time of year. Speaking of this time of year….we’re going on 2 days of sunshine and 60 degree weather. Bellingham has been getting its normal downpour for days straight but this warmth and sun is odd for up here.

I’m so tired, I can hardly write anything right now, but its been a month and I’ve been wanting to update. November will be fun: Daniel Tosh in Seattle! And Blonde Redhead is coming to Bellingham! I’ve got that to look forward to.

Halloween weekend was fun, we went to the Wild Buffalo and they had live tunes. We tried to go to Rumors, but it was slammed and if we had stayed in line we would never have gotten in :/ which was a bummer. But the Wild Buffalo was fun but trying to get a cab afterward was a nightmare. We were in the rain until 3:30 AM, trying to get a cab but none of them were driving down to us even though we called and called and called, they were picking people up a few blocks above us. We were really annoyed.

I haven’t been browsing much fashion lately, as I’ll be too tempted, but I picked out a few shoes I love.


These Valentino are way too cute

And these Burberry are to die for…I want them so bad! 🙂

That’s all for now. The guys made a stew and I think it was supposed to be done an hour ago. Oops!

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