Mulberry boots.

Hermès Bracelets

*NYC Boutique. I love these pants, I want a pair.

Jenny Han. I love this mini dress but I don’t think I could pull it off. I’d have to be wearing a really classy pair of heels.

Fendi ♥

Insight leggings. I love purple but I wish these came in a more than purple.

Fremont Diana Dress.

I was browsing etsy, trying to find items for the website Aprizi, its like Pandora for shopping, and I found this rad artist Taylor Reeve, visit her Etsy, and I love love love the illustrations on the bottoms of high heels. I really want to get a pair of heels now and have Ryan draw + paint something on the back since he’s an amazing illustrator.

Painted Heels by Kez Birdie, also on etsy.

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