just can’t get enough

Not much has been happening lately. Haven’t really been working because its so slow and it is right before Christmas, no real big projects. So I’ve just been at home working on my internship projects. It’s been chill. I miss big paychecks though. When I start back up in January, paychecks are going to be bomb. Haha.

Last week, we said a temporary goodbye to our friend Alex.

Alex moved to Japan last Sunday. There are very few people when I meet right away that I let my guard down around, and upon meeting Alex, after hearing so many stories from my boyfriend, he blew me away. I have only known him less than a year and the impact he had on me as well as my other roommate was profound. He has experienced so much, and he shared so much with us. We will definitely miss his weekends with us, but we know he is happy in Japan with his adorable girlfriend and we wish him the best. And we will also be seeing him in a few years…when we come to visit 🙂

Been Christmas shopping, and if you HAVEN’T been into Bath and Body Works and bought one of these candles…you need to. I had two mini ones and then when Ryan and I were out shopping this week, they had a sale on the big ones 2 for $20, and a very nice lady in line in front of us was buying candles too, and she gave me her $10 off coupon so I got a 3rd one for half the price….except the girl at the counter was on a roll and there was a huge line and she took $10 too much off and I got 3 big candles for the price of one 😀 My house smells like frosted cupcakes and hot buttered rum now! I can’t wait to get some other ones after Christmas. They make a really nice simple gift too.

Here is the link to the candles.

Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. It came together! It had one ornament on it before, it was sad.

Whatcom Falls after 3 days of rain. It rains a lot here, but I have never seen it downpour nonstop for as long as it did. It was insane. I have never seen the falls like this before. For comparison:


2011 is looking promising with concerts and travel. I am planning two trips. One to Palm Springs with a friend and then Vegas in November–Ryan’s birthday is going to be 11-11-2011. So Vegas seemed fitting. February is starting off the concert scene with Pendulum and STS9 within one week of each other. STOKED. And Rusko is supposed to be back around that time too but no dates are confirmed.

Anyway, I’m going to go enjoy the sunshine for the remaining hour its out and hang with the Luna puppy.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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