Happy Holidays!

It is nice to be home in the snow! I haven’t seen my brother in 9 months, and it has been fun to hang out with him. We’ve been playing pool and last night we went downtown to a pub to have a drink together. We ended up running into 2 of our high school English teachers. We sent them over a round of beer and a note that said ‘Merry Xmas! Come say hi! Your former students.’ And we waited until the waitress dropped the beer & note off and waved at them. They came over and we had a lovely chat and then Greg and I finished our drinks and took off. It made our night!

I spent the other part of the day downtown, finishing up some shopping. I love going into Nordstrom, since there isn’t one in Bellingham, and I don’t always want to drive an hour and a half to go browse down in Seattle. (I can’t wait to move out of Bellingham.)

I grabbed a pomegranate raspberry lemonade smoothie from Ben & Jerry’s, it was delicious! But then I had to walk 3 blocks with it in my hand in the cold….I could not feel my hand by the time I got to my car.

Homemade truffles from our friend Michelle. They’re delicious.

More Christmas goodies.

Mulberry for Target — I ended up buying this the other night…I’ve wanted a crossbody bag but I’ve been good and haven’t bought a bag for over a year. It was $15 so I couldn’t resist. Especially since it was a Mulberry collaboration. I love Mulberry!

Winter in Holland, a lovely photo

And some fashion picks…

DVF Wedges. I LOVE these.

Alexander McQueen Byzantine Queen Skull Crocodile Box Clutch

I found this on Tumblr, I don’t know where the owl necklace came from but its too cute!

Sukey Bag, I love this bag, but I found it in a purple color about a month ago. I can’t find that color now.

Well Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to all! I’m going to get off the computer and spend the day with the family.

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