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It is the new year and I am feeling refreshed but also full of ideas. I will be starting a new project soon and once I get the first one done I will post all about it, but for now it is a secret! 😉 I really hope the execution is as beautiful in real life as it is in my head. I am still trying to figure out exactly the best way to go about it, and what kind of materials to use. I am in the process of researching it all, but experimentation seems the best approach to finding what will work the best.

I will share some of the images that have inspired me to go in the direction I am planning with this project.

I am excited, and hoping if I take my time with this it will lead somewhere good! My only concern is money for materials but once I get this first product done I am going to try and promote, promote, promote and go from there.

The first sunset of the year was absolutely beautiful, so many colors! It was intense! This photo was in no way enhanced…that is exactly as I took the picture.

I did splurge a little bit when I got back to Bellingham. I got two belts and a cute top that I don’t have a picture of right now. I wore the belt the other day with this outfit and really liked how it looked. (And check out that new bag!! 😀 Burberry…many thanks to Mama D, the boyfriend’s mother, for that cherry on top of my Christmas/whole year!)

Sorry for the terrible photo, I really would like to get a better camera this year….and find someone who will photograph me in my outfits instead of having to set it up myself.


WOOT. Maybe I’ll frame it……….Probably not.

I made a couple resolutions this year. I’ve never really followed through in the past, but this year I feel different. Maybe it is because I am no longer a student, and its been 6 months since I graduated already.
I just want to be me this year. I feel as though I have been caught up in wanting something else…not being content with what I have…envying other people’s situations. I am not saying I want to settle, I think I am trying to say I need to spend time making the best out of the situation I am in.

I just want to approach this year differently….with a new attitude and outlook.

Anyway. I really didn’t post any pictures from before the new year, so here they are.

Part of Ryan’s Gift…YSL L’Homme Cologne…he didn’t want the deodorant…so I took it, I looooove the way it smells. lol.

It was Bath and Body Works year in terms of gifts…my mom bought me a bunch of stuff then I got a $50 gift card to spend as well.

The shower gel makes a really good substitute for shaving cream….my legs have never felt so soft.

Barn on Highway 2 that collapsed in the recent past

One happy Christmas Weiner Dog

A little Twilight Princess on Christmas Eve

And then this cuteness to start the new year.

Luna’s two friends, Oliver and Spencer. They’re adorable.

That’s all for now. I’m going to go take a hot bath, then turn on GHOST ADVENTURES (I have a crush on Zak Bagans…ssshhhh Ryan doesn’t know. Except now he does :P)

Night all!

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