It snowed and it hasn’t melted yet. I am almost glad I don’t have to drive to work this week.

I love when the world is covered in a blanket of white.

The past couple days I have thrown myself into a project of painting a pair of heels with a pattern on the bottom. This is my first attempt and I’m working with less than ideal tools, but despite all the imperfections I am proud of how it is overall turning out to be how I envisioned it.

I am having a really fun time doing it though. I want to eventually spend the money on a pair of Bordello high heel pumps and do a pattern on the bottom of those.

In the past week I’ve been spending time with my friend Liz. She got me these rad earrings for Christmas. 🙂 I am a Cancer, hence the little crabs.

We walked around downtown the other day and stopped in the Paperdoll. I hadn’t been in to their new location, it’s a lovely new space. I love the style of their products they carry and I was looking at all the journals and cards and I was feeling inspired. (Print will never die completely…despite what some people say.)

I couldn’t resist these cute woodland creature magnets when we were in there.

Ryan, Scott and I went to Man Pies the other day for lunch. I will never eat a pot pie out of a box ever again. This place is delicious and you will leave feeling satisfied and pleasantly full. It is a hearty meal for sure. I’m little and I can only eat about half of it.

Beef pot pie with potatoes and carrots and beef gravy. dankness.

I’ve discovered this brand through one of my former classmates. It’s called allsaints spitalfields…and I am in love with it. There is a store in downtown Seattle….I foresee money being spent there at some point this year. I love the British hipster-ish style it has.

And finally, hopefully tomorrow will be the launch of a website for one of the fashion designers I’m working for. When it is up, I’ll post links and info. You can check out Rene Ropas however, which is launched.

I’m going to paint on those shoes some more…and watch more Ghost Adventures.

Hopefully next time I’ll have a little bit more to blog about. I might start throwing in daily design horror stories from my job…..if only you knew…if only.

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