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I have been so busy running around, back and forth between work, I am so exhausted! I am ready to get settled somewhere down around the Seattle area! I have been neglecting my blog out of sheer tiredness. I hardly even browse for fashion picks lately, but that might be because I can go to Bellevue Square in person and check out mostly everything I want to check out.

I went to the Burberry store the other day to browse. I wanted to see the patent belts for their spring collection in person.

They’re beautiful in person! The colors are so vibrant, and the sales associate was so unbelievably nice when I said I just wanted to look. I didn’t even feel that welcome in Nordstrom, where I stopped first to see if they had the belts, but no one acknowledged me or came over to see if I needed help finding anything, which I find odd because Nordstrom is usually the place with the best customer service. The girls in the Bellevue store have an attitude and it really annoys me. I had to go pick up some foundation from the MAC counter and it took me way too long to get any help. I will really focus on going to Nordstrom in Downtown Seattle when I need to, everyone is so much more pleasant.

Anyway! Back to Burberry, amazing customer service, even though I was just browsing. The girl was so cheerful and offered to get a belt out for me if I wanted to try it. I declined, because I would have wanted to purchase one if I had tried it on 🙂 too tempting.

A little over a week ago I went to Citrus Lounge in support of Lina Zeineddine, in Seattle’s first Fashion Feud. Designers have an hour to make an outfit out of fabric they have never seen before, and the collaborate with a hair and makeup team to make a complete look. It was lots of fun and I made a few new contacts. Lina didn’t make it to round 2, sadly, but Morgan, who showcased part of her collection at the RAW event, will be competing in the second round coming up in March. I will be at that one too!

Amazon Princess Blush from Mac Cosmetics. It is SO pink! Or my skin just hasn’t seen the sun enough since last September…or both.

Wall-e keeping me company at work! 🙂 Guarding the bag of Reeses hearts on my desk.

I’ve been looking over a few designers from fashion week…there’s no full collection I’ve seen that terribly appeals to me. I like certain pieces here and there, except for Oscar de la Renta…I love a lot of this collection, especially the furry hats! I love furry hats! And the belts!

(images from

Really LOVE Mulberry’s F/W Line. I love Burberry & Mulberry….the British berries. I want one of those scarves 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the Burberry line today.


Some really lovely pieces from Thakoon’s line.

I will have to update more. I fell asleep writing this last night, and now I have to get ready for work. Happy Monday!

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