Life On the Go

I have been so busy! I feel as though I start every post with that lately. I haven’t blogged in about a month mainly because I haven’t mustered up the motivation to do it…sometimes you just need to step back from things. I work on the computer all day, it is my job, I design, and I’ve needed to detach a bit more lately. My wrists and shoulders have been going numb, I had to buy a brace to wear at work while I am on the computer. I was wearing it everyday, now down to a couple hours here and there every other day.

I feel as though a lot has happened but then really nothing at all…just life…no big events.

I saw the movie “Rango” with Ryan and Scott a few weeks ago, when it opened. It was really enjoyable, that’ll be one I have to buy. There were some fantastic references to some of Johnny Depp’s older movies, which was great, and of course some adult humor thrown in that the kiddies don’t exactly get. Definitely worth seeing.

It snowed and I proved myself to be a badass by driving to work and being the 2nd one there…on top of living the farthest away from everyone. It snows in Seattle and hell breaks loose…but you can’t blame them…I’d avoid the hills too…that’s all downtown Seattle is. Good thing I work in Bellevue ^.^

Went to Kyoto Steakhouse for Alycia’s birthday. It was really good, I felt bad because I couldn’t finish all my food…you definitely get your money’s worth!

Doodles at work 🙂

I have found this awesome little Teriyaki restaurant in Factoria called Kyoto Teriyaki. Chicken teriyaki and gyoza for under $8. It’s perfect. I usually grab a meal to go once a week. So good!

I splurged on some skin care items. Burt’s Bees Peach & Willowbark Exfoliator & Fresh Soy Facial Cleanser. I love love LOVE them both, but I especially love the Burt’s Bees one because of how soft my skin feels afterward, without a moisturizer. It doesn’t feel dried out, like it does if I use an exfoliator that is medicated. My face feels fresh, and not irritated. I totally love it. The soy facial cleanser works really well as a makeup remover, and it’s super gentle. Definitely love it as well.

I am now registered with Burberry…after I purchased some new perfume in store. I was so excited. I really do love their store in Bellevue. I haven’t been into any other of their stores, but the staff in Bellevue is always so friendly, I always have to rave about them, and the store itself is just gorgeous.

I have been wearing heels probably 3 days out of my work week. Something about Bellingham makes me feel awkward if I wear heels….so I’ve been wearing the hell out of them…and maybe splurged on some amazing Betsey Johnson ones…

The picture is awful but the shoes are amazing! I love them! I really should have never tried them on but there I was…just wanting to look when I spotted them. I picked them up and turned them over in my hand…and then I made eye contact with one of the salesmen…”You want to try them on.” It was kind of a question and kind of not and I probably should have said no because I tried them on and then I never wanted to take them off.

I’ll save these for another post 😉 One day I will have a closet full of Michael Kors shoes.

I want these, I think they’re adorable. Under $100! But I’m on a ban….if only I didn’t have to put money down for a new place…they would be mine. But the new place is definitely better than a pair of shoes. I can’t wait to move and get settled…and my closet organized 😀

And finally the cuteness. I miss her. and Ryan. Words can’t even begin to describe it.

Night all! I have a busy week ahead with an online look book to do and I need to finish my prop for Revive, the fashion show on Saturday! It’s going to be a busy week indeed!

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