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Revive: A Black & White Masquerade and Journey into Alice and Wonderland

Saturday evening was the Rene Ropas, Revive event, put together by Morgan Carson for her spring collection. The event was held at the beautiful Lake Union Cafe, on Eastlake Avenue in Seattle. There were girls in some of Morgan’s creations running around the venue to keep the event on schedule and taking care of guests. Drinks were being served, and attendees could bid on items that would benefit the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society.

There were performances by the Jerboa Dance Group, whose bright costumes immediately drew attention to the runway, where they performed.

Brett Renville showed his fashion editorial film, which can be viewed on his Website, and DJ Martini rocked the music all night.

The outfits were beautifully avant-garde, with some much attention to detail, from the clothes to the hair and makeup. Models ran around the audience, interacting with guests, bringing the show to a new level. It was so much more than a runway show, which is what made this event so enjoyable. The integration of other artists, like Brett and the dance group, makes an event so much more fun. There’s just more to enjoy throughout the evening.

All of the clothes in the Rene Ropas line are created from recycled fabric and finishings, and what Morgan creates with those items is simply beautiful. The finishing of each garment was so quirky, bringing in that Alice and Wonderland feel, yet everything was so elegant. A few pieces evoked feelings of the Baroque period, with a modern twist. Photos from the event can be found on the Rene Ropas Facebook Page. Unfortunately, my pictures didn’t turn out well, so check out the Facebook page for some high quality images.

Everything about the show was beautiful, and I am looking forward to attending more Rene Ropas events.

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