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The last few weeks have been a bluuur! Oh my goodness. Picture time!


I was invited to a Jose Cuervo sponsored event called Subterraneo at iMusic in Seattle. Free tequila and beautiful girls in amazing costumes!




On the first Thursday of this month I went with a few of my coworkers to the Art Walk in Seattle. We went to an awesome little restaurant called the Honey Hole on Capitol Hill, they have awesome sandwiches, and they had Boundary Bay beer on tap, which just made my night…I’m missing Bellingham’s restaurants for sure…especially Boundary Bay. After the Honey Hole we went down to the Seattle Art Museum, which is free to enter on First Thursdays. I was super stoked to see the Nick Cave soundsuit exhibit.

Here is a video of the suits…they’re crazy! And some of them are so intricate, one was covered completely in buttons and another was made of Beanie Babies!

I also got to see another exhibit I had mentioned a few months ago, the Quileute Wolf exhibit. It was small, but I so love Native American art, it was all beautiful!



Last week was Fashion Feud round 3, and my friend Sarah Yazmine was one of the competing designers. I still think Sarah should have won, and I want her to make me the dress she created but in a softer flow-y fabric 🙂 and I’ve already told her this.




Tina Witherspoon’s design, the winning creation


Sarah’s design. I really do want to see this in a softer fabric, it would be gorgeous.

If you’re not familiar with Fashion Feud, it’s held in a number of cities, and two designers have an hour to create an outfit out of fabric they have never seen (the fabric is from Mood in New York).

Sarah did a great job and I’m super disappointed she didn’t win. The finals are coming up in May and Morgan Carson will be competing, so I can’t wait to see her! I’ve known a designer in all three rounds of Fashion Feud but only made it to two out of the three rounds. I didn’t get to see Morgan compete the first time, so it’ll be exciting to see her in the finals!

And finally this past Saturday was Rusko at the Showbox Sodo. Second time in less than a year I’ve seen him and OH it was so full of filthy good dubstep…and a bunch of raver tweens who really shouldn’t have even been there…that was my buzz kill…14 year old girls wearing lingerie (and they were…I’m not exaggerating) and being gropped and/ or defended by jersey shore looking guys. Awful. I tried to ignore it, but I was throwing punches to save my little self from being trampled.

I really enjoy dubstep….and almost any kind of electronic music show and the past shows I’ve been to have had an amazing energy…this time, it was off. Partly in due to the all ages bit, but there were so many people there for the wrong reasons, bringing a bad vibe. I’ve been to shows where if you leave the group in front of the stage and then come back, the people who were there when you left, let you back in and push you back into the group, and do it happily too…with smiles. This was not one of those shows…someone I was with got punched, and another had blood smeared all over his shirt at the end of the show.

Again, total freaking buzz kill. But in the end, we still had a RAD time before and at the show. And I was so close to meeting Rusko after the show! It’s not even fair. I was standing there behind a handful of other people, and there just wasn’t enough time. His tour manager or whoever rushed him to the bus so fast…I was SO CLOSE. Close enough to know that he has bad teeth and a beautiful filthy English accent…and he was standing there in his pajama pants. HA. Awesome. I love Rusko.

Can’t wait for the next show we go to!

I’m going to need to post a whole other post just about fashion….one of my coworkers gave me some Chanel, Gucci, Fendi and Versace sunglasses he had stashed away from when he worked at a sunglasses shop…I love the Chanels…they remind me of Tron, haha. <3 I will save those reveals/pictures for next time!

And finally, if you haven’t heard Lady Gaga’s new single, Judas…and you like her music,

check it out, I’m in LOVE with it.

And E.T. by Katy Perry but NOT the original…the remix 🙂 of course

And one more..Rolling in the Deep by Adele…again a remix but so good\

Alright, I”m off to design some more. Just finished one project need to start another! Night all!

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