highway unicorn

Anastasia Radevich is a Canadian footwear designer that I recently stumbled upon, and I absolutely love her designs. I’ve been a bit obsessed with interesting shaped shoes lately, and I’m extremely intrigued by this designer’s style. Her shoes have an ethereal quality about them, some of her other designs remind me of the architecture in Rivendell, in the Lord of the Rings. Her pages of inspirations are full of beautiful sketches, they can be viewed on her website here.

Beautiful beautiful work, and I’m looking forward to seeing future collections from her.

If you live in the Seattle area, June 4th is the grand opening for theRene Ropas boutique in downtown Seattle. The designer, Morgan Carson, also encourages you to contact her to set up a consultation with her (and play dress up!), which I need to do and would love to do. I’m so excited for her and her line, in the few months I have known her, everything has taken off and she’s not stopping.

Definitely stop by on the 4th if you are in the area, it should be a fabulous time!

And finally, Lady Gaga’s new album is out–and I’m loving about half of it, some of it I just can’t get into, but there are a few tracks that I can’t stop listening to right now. I’m drawn to parts of the songs more than the whole thing, I think some of her choruses are extremely poppy, like generic pop music, but the rest of it has a good style and good beat, and just doesn’t have the same generic feel as the rest of the song. I can’t stop listening to Highway Unicorn, Heavy Metal Lover, and Electric Chapel. Some of her songs remind of the Killer’s album, Sam’s Town, I can’t quite put my finger on why….just the way some of the songs go…

And I found the sweeeeetest dubstep mix of Rolling in the Deep.

Got my iPod all updated with good tuneage for the week.

I’m going to go fall asleep to some Top Gear (U.K. version only!) and will be updating again soon with a Black Milk leggings + Plume hair extensions post 🙂

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