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I received my Black Milk leggings about two weeks ago and I am addicted. I need a raise and/or more freelance work to fund this new love. I have never worn more comfortable leggings, and leggings that can look like an edgy pair of pants, rather than a cheap, skin tight pair of cotton leggings that define every detail of your lower half, which believe it or not, everyone does not want to see.

I love my Black Spartans. I have received so many compliments, and they have also been dubbed the Tron leggings. With my white Chanel sunnies, I have a sweet music festival outfit.

My picture I took of the phoenix leggings did not turn out. When I get a better picture I will post those. My current wish list consists of:

Black Galaxies

Black Reptilians

Pink Galaxies

Lace Suspenders

Those are my top picks anyway…and I would like to own 85% of everything on their website…I just love the style, and how comfy the leggings are! They’re so soft, even the Spartans are comfy with the plastic-y fabric. I got a small and they fit well, but the shiny fabric on the Spartan’s bunches a little bit. I’ve tried pulling it tight, with a little success. If I go to XS though I don’t think they’d be nearly as comfy.

My birthday is on the 27th, so I think I might buy another pair as a present to myself, since original present of time with boyfriend and friend at re:generation festival has been reduced to…time with friend and no boyfriend at music festival 🙁 (so sad he can’t come)

Yes…another pair of leggings sounds like a cure all. Yay, retail therapy.

And with that, you should Like Black Milk on Facebook and go Shop the collection.

Night all, will be posting again soon, lots going on within the next week and a half, there will be lots of photos.

The Fashion Events page has also been updated with new events. Be sure to check them out.

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