Black Milk – Printed Leggings + Swimsuits Final Sale

I just stayed up late to stalk the Black Milk website as it went live again after being taken down because they had too many orders to process, and they are now in the process of selling all the printed leggings and swimsuits.

I got the Black Galaxies and I’m so happy with my purchase. It took so much self control to not buy up the leggings that will no longer be on the site. The designer has had some huge issues with the printing lately and is discontinuing that part of his line. I’m so sad, I still want that koi vs samurai swimsuit, the Mountains of Mars dress, and the black leggings with skeletons. I at least got my galaxies and I happy with those. And now I can put my wallet away, until the next awesome pair of leggings from Black Milk comes out and I can’t resist.

Early Happy Birthday to me I guess 🙂

Seriously though, if anyone was even remotely interested in owning a pair of their printed leggings, get on it now! I bet most of them will be gone tomorrow.

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