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dem bones, dem bones – black milk and the not so final sale of prints

Still posting about my birthday. Haha, the party continues! I got my Black Galaxies and The Anatomist (from Ryan’s mom!) for my birthday. Love love love them so much.

I get an insane amount of compliments when I go out in them.

Total love.

I’m also obsessed with the Retro Camera app, so that’s what you’re getting. If you want to see better pics of the galaxies, scroll down to another post to see.

Now Black Milk had said they’d be stopping with the printed leggings and dresses and just in general the printed stuff, but they’re not! As I discovered today officially on the FB page. They launched another collection and people were asking because they said they were discontinuing the prints. SO HAPPY!!!

And on top of that they have a Middle Earth dress, that I have been obsessing over since last night, when it was released. I am dying inside. I know I should not and cannot buy it…unless I sell some of my other clothing and accessory items first…then there’d be less guilt. Haha.

Also of note:

One Dress to Rule them All

Matrix Leggin’s

And Mountains of Mars

I feel as though Black Milk helped me find that happy medium I’ve been looking for between high fashion and the counterculture. I like an edgier look that’s not so modest I guess. Add a little (or a lot!) of flair.

<3 Black Milk

I’ve actually created a Black Milk category for my blog…cause you know this is not the last 🙂

I will probably have another blog post tomorrow. I never blogged about the DList 4 Year Anniversary Party and the gorgeous dress that Sarah Yazmine gave me! <3

Shpongle is also this weekend. Yahoo!

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