The Shpongletron Experience – Seattle 2011 – Other Music Madness

I am kicking myself for not taking my digital camera to this show. I ALWAYS take it to shows, and I didn’t take it to this one thinking it would be too crazy and I didn’t want to deal with it.

It didn’t fit in my utility belt pouch either, that was sadly a deciding factor as well.

I got these two lousy pictures with my phone of a DJ box that I can only describe as epic. What a visual treat for the show! Simon Posford sat at the top of the Shpongeltron while the face, that was projected onto a 3D mold that constantly changed. such a treat! I really sadly cannot do this justice, and will provide you with a video of the Shpongletron, that still doesn’t do it justice.

Here is a video from Electric Forest that captures his whole opening of Divine Moments of Truth (what an opener by the way! amazing!) at the 4:47 mark you get a good close up of the face and just how freaky it is. The eyes blink…it’s just…crazy.

While the visuals of this year’s show were amazing(!), the vibe of the group this year was nothing compared to last year’s show.

We did have a whole group of people from the Re:generation Festival there that we saw. The people we camped next to ran into us on our way in and then wound up next to us in the show! But the group last year was all about having a good time together, even if you didn’t know the people around you. If you left to go get a drink, the group you were around would pull you back in to your spot when you returned. Sadly, it was not the same this year. I was throwing elbows to ward off hands. Keep your paws to yourself guys! If I wanted someone to dance with I would be dancing with someone already. The audacity of some men! But it was ok. I throw a mean elbow into a gut when I need to. I was also without Ryan and with a group of friends who got separated so it was a completely new experience. It isn’t nearly as enjoyable if the one person you want to share that experience with can’t be there.

I just got lost in my own groove and tried to enjoy the music the best I could.

Beats Antique opened the show, and I am so happy we got to see them. We missed them at Re:generation. I would love to see them at their own show. The antique, middle eastern feel of their beats is amazing. They played some new stuff, which I quite liked. I bought one of their albums and there wasn’t as much wobble wobble dub as I heard at the show, which is totally fine! I still love the album, but I was digging the wobble 🙂

They played as long as Shpongle did. That was the other downside to the show. He only play until 11:45. The Paramount’s time limit/curfew is ridiculous.

I feel compelled to share another video, this time of Bassnectar. His shows are so epic, and I will go to any and all of his shows that are in my area. period. My love for his music has just multiplied ten fold after what happened at the beginning of this week. I won’t go into too much detail. I’ve been practically bouncing off the walls for two days because of it. But he, as in the man himself, helped me pick my Loud Song of the Week to play at work all week.

Every week an employee picks a song and it plays at 3 PM everyday for that week loudly throughout the office.

Bassnectar helped me pick which one from my narrowed down list.

Being a social media nerd totally paid off. Hehe! I will leave it at that!

Upcoming shows:

I bought tickets to Identity Festival! Tickets were on sale for $20 for less than a day. How could I say no? Rusko, Pretty Lights, Kaskade, and so much more!

Bonobo and DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid…IN ONE SHOW?! Yes! At Neumos as part of decibel festival in Seattle. They have separate tickets for shows since various things are going on at once at different venues all over the city, so I might have to get on that! I believe DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid will be up at the Wild Buffalo in Bellingham sometime this fall as well…I will have to confirm that but I thought I saw that somewhere.

There are a bunch of other acts for decibel festival that I would love to see. But I’ve already spent my festival money on re:generation, and will not be forking over $200 for the full festival.
But Ladytron will be there as well. *facepalm* I need more money. I have a live music addiction that needs to be fed.

Night all and cheers!

**I apologize for any grammatical errors I may have missed. It is late, I’m tired, and my contacts are dry.

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