a little british class – burberry fw 2011

And now for a post with a complete change of pace, Burberry FW Collection is available for purchase. So lovely! It makes me think of Autumn, and crisp leaves on the ground. One day, one of their beautiful coats will be mine.

I would totally rock this Fur Lined Wool and Cashmere Coat. So much love. It looks so nice and warm! I can just see myself walking in downtown Seattle on a beautiful fall day in that coat. And the vintage fur lined hat I bought from Rene Ropas would match perfectly!

And as usual, I am a sucker for boots…all boots, any style. I saw a pair of moon boots on Nordstrom’s website. I would even rock those.

I love Burberry because of that English style. I have always wanted to visit England and I think that in part draws me to Burberry’s styles. The brand always has a classic English style and other times English with a twist, but it’s still quite easily recognizable as Burberry. I love it. The idea of a foggy, autumn London morning brings beautiful images to mind.

Quite a nice change from the more alternative, edgy, funky styles I’ve been loving lately. Burberry always reminds me I have expensive taste when I want to. And oh how I adore it.

Burberry Womenswear A/W 2011

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