Seattle Fashion: Sarah Yazmine and the “Goddess Dress”

Back in June (my how time flies) I attended the DList 4 Year Anniversary party with my lovely friend and fashion designer, Sarah Yazmine. It was to be a “red carpet” event, and while there was a red carpet, you can only be so classy for a magazine called “DList”, and where Lil Jon is the headlining DJ for the evening. Not that I have anything against DList Magazine but rather the majority of women that show up for the events hosted, if you were a man looking for a wife and did a once over, you’d probably realize you were in the wrong place.

The whole classiness thing is relevant because I WAS feeling quite classy and was wearing a beautiful dress that Sarah had designed and made.

It made me feel so goddess like, which is why I call it the Goddess dress.

I secretly wanted to wear it to a wedding but I was told I can’t look better than the bride, which is fair enough 🙂 I just don’t go to many events that would require such a formal dress, but I love how it is formal, but still edgy, and not quite…stuffy…I suppose is the word I am looking for.

I think the simple design, and little detail in the tie in the back and the detail in the top is just enough, so it doesn’t feel loud but is still eye catching in a clean way. It’s beautiful and I adore it.

I will be working with Sarah on a new website for her company here in the next few months. In the meantime, you can follow her on

twitter: yazzzie
facebook: Sarah Yazmine Apparel

I’ve been on a local fashion designer binge lately. While I still love the well known brands, I’m all for supporting the designers who aren’t internationally/nationally known. To me, it makes me love what I wear more knowing it was hand sewn here, by someone I know, and sometimes even custom made for me. The whole idea that I am wearing something unique and supporting someone’s art is all the more important to me.


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