Rene Ropas, Rene Ropas, Rene Ropas!

This week has been littered with interacting with my lovely friend and designer, Morgan Carson, owner of Rene Ropas. I picked up my reconstructed vintage dress and my skirt from her own collection, made with custom fabric for me.

I’ve never really ever felt “girly”, and this skirt makes me feel girly and sort of Alice in Wonderland-ish. I LOVE it.


img_0204.jpg Fabric Detail Closeup


It’s much more poofy when actually worn. But its beautiful. The colors are mine, I love them, and Morgan was saying it turned out better than the first one she did, and people wanted it.

And now for the restyled 80s vintage dress. I wish I had a before and after because really there’s a HUGE difference in what this looked like before. I made it work appropriate by wearing leggings underneath.


Photo from Anna Rachel Lusby who was taking photos at the Rene Ropas press party.



Back detail. Zipper tape is an amazing thing.

Love my items. Can’t wait to save up some money and buy some more items. I was happy to put these in my closet, next to my dress by Sarah Yazmine. My closet has begun to grow with items by local designers and I am thrilled. I cannot wait for Lina Zeineddine to launch her shoe line and fill my closet with her shoes 🙂 Support local! That’s all I can say.

Onto the Rene Ropas Press Party…

Lots of exciting thing are happening for Rene Ropas. It is so amazing what has happened in a year for Morgan Carson. I was her intern a year ago this month, and we were laughing about it because it was nothing like the experience her interns have now.



Sneak Peak at the Fall Collection




(I LOVE THIS DRESS…wishlist item 🙂 already!)


Along with the sneak peak from her fall line, we also heard from the Mona Foundation, which is what the fashion show will be benefiting. Please check out their charity, they do amazing things.
The Mona Foundation Website. Their main objectives are ‘to provide quality education to all children, with a focus on raising the status of girls and women.’ We also heard that 97% of the money they generate goes to their cause. Amazing.

We also heard from and received goodies from Google Places and Shocking Goat watches, and Novo Fogo was giving out samples of their drink, which is a line of organic Cachaças produced from sugarcane. The novo fogo drinks were extremely good, there’s a spiciness to the drink I’ve never tasted before, like cayenne pepper.

Shocking Goat gave out watches via Mr. Fresh, who made it rain watches.

Super excited about having one of their watches. The wristbands are interchangeable, and they’re bright colors. My boyfriend thought the watch I brought home was super sick, so I’m stoked to have one. You can buy interchangeable bands once you have a watch, at $16 a pop, not bad at all. I will probably end up buying another color band, I wanted purple, but you’re fighting a crowd, you get what you get…and I still love it.

And finally Google Places will be sponsoring a scavenger hunt for the Rene Ropas Dollhouse Prom. When I get details I will post all that, but basically you can win 2 VIP tickets to the fall fashion show on September 22, at iMusic if you participate in the Scavenger Hunt and guess locations correctly or go to the actually locations. This will be a Twiiter based campaign, so be sure to follow Rene Ropas to get all the clues. Again, I’ll be posting all the info once I get it.

Some Rene Ropas links:


Shocking Goat


Novo Fogo


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