Identity Festival 2011 at the Gorge

I am hesitant and unsure about what to write about Identity Festival. This year has been a whirlwind of good music and memories, and I have seen more artists this year than I have ever seen in my life. I have seen artists multiple times…Bassnectar 3 times, Glitch Mob twice, Rusko 3 times…and so many more I can’t even name them all. I have attended 3 festivals, and shared good times with friends and made new ones.

Identity Festival turned out to be so much more than I had ever planned on.

On our way into the Gorge for camping on Friday night, someone screamed out my boyfriend’s name from a car next to us in line. Our jaws dropped. This couple from Kennewick we had met at the Regeneration Festival, that we had run into again at Shpongle, was sitting in the car next to us, and subsequently ended up camping next to us. Ryan, Scott and I couldn’t believe it. The odds of running into these people 3 times just seemed so out of the ordinary. Obviously something was meant to be, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to be able to party a third time with some awesome people from across the state.

This was a good start to the weekend, and it was only the beginning. The party Friday night was awesome. Unfortunately the Gorge’s campground patrol/management wasn’t so stoked on the party and tried to kill the vibe of what a festival is all about. They broke up one party but everyone else just moved onto another.

We found our Bellingham crew and danced into the night, it was warm, 75 or 80 degrees at 11 PM. It was amazing.

Saturday started out slow, as people had partied oh so hard the night before, the temperature was insane by 1 PM, only to keep getting hotter until about 3, when we finally made our way over to the venue.

We caught a few minutes of the Disco Biscuits but ended up going over to see Nero.

Only one of the duo was on stage, but the bass drops were still filthy filthy good. Innocence was one of the highlights for me, I love that song. Everyone was dancing hard, along with beats, waiting for those drops.

We made our way over to see Rusko and went into the pit for the show.

Rusko is one of those artists I will be down to see every time he’s on tour. The energy he brings to his sets is unlike any other artist, I’d have to say he even tops Bassnectar. The way he dances around in his socks and throws his energy back at the crowd makes for a good show. And his bass drops are so deep, I could feel it in my chest. That’s good bass. He played a lot of new stuff, and I’m soooo excited for it to be released. The other big highlight was to hear his song “Everyday” live. The best part about this was it didn’t start out as a remix. It started as the normal song for about a minute or two and then he went into the Netsky Remix and then just other remix goodness.

He played until the sunset, which just seemed so fitting. It was a really cool way for Rusko to end his set, especially at such an epic venue.

It got dark and after finding our Bellingham crew, Pretty Lights came on! He opened with “I Know the Truth” which was sooo ballsy! That is one of the dopest tracks he’s released, and to start out with it really set the bar for his set. Again, one of the top artists of the festival. His stage is sooooo sweet too.

Here is some video from someone on youtube from the Gorge show. His stage does the name Pretty Lights justice.

And then Kaskade finished off the night with a pretty good live set. I was impressed. I like some of his songs, but he does a pretty good job live, and for those interested, here is his mix from BBC Radio 1 Essentials, and its pretty much the same mix from Identity.

It was an awesome day, at an awesome venue. We survived the heat and partied on into the night with the best group of friends I could ever ask for. Amazing music and amazing friends, I can’t really ask for much more than that.

I’m looking forward to next year already, and I am so glad that the first touring electronic music festival got so much support.

Bring on the next show, I’m so ready to make more amazing memories.

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