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Burberry Prorsum S/S12

I feel that every season Christopher Bailey gets bolder and bolder with Burberry, and I continue to love the brand, even if it goes out of bounds of what I’m expecting to see. One of the keys for a great artist in fashion, music, or the arts in general, is their ability to grow and explore beyond the norm of their brand, sound or style. If you can’t explore and grow, you become boring. Who wants to stay the same way forever anyway?

So, while there are some pieces and fabrics and textures in this collection I’m not terribly fond of, I can see the collection as a whole and how it all ties together, and I do say, the collection is fantastic and colorful, a beautiful spring collection.

And I so terribly want all of the shoes.

The African inspired detail on the shoes and garments is such a lovely and unique touch, and with the shoes, the anklets on some of the wedges add the illusion that you’ve accessorized, and I love that. They’re bright and colorful, very spring and summery, and yet the tone of a lot of the clothing is wearable throughout the year. I’m looking more at the solid colored pieces, but some of those deep purple, magenta patterned pieces and some of the darker pencil skirts work very well for fall as well.

As always, the coats/trenches are beautiful and classy. Classic Burberry.

Overall, I’m impressed again, as usual, by the British brand, and will be keeping my eye out for when shoes and accessories hit the store in a few months. I’ve already decided, shoes and one of those fabulous belts, need to be mine. If only it would stay summer long enough in Seattle for me to justify that type of purchase 🙂

The full collection can be viewed on Burberry’s Facebook Page, and the show from fashion week can be viewed on their YouTube Page.

And that is your seasonal Burberry update.

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