Fashion Picks: Dresses for Under $100

I don’t have many dresses in my wardrobe. Something I’m coming to regret as I look through selections online and attend more networking and fashion events. I think it’s because I’m short that I don’t wear dresses. I wore a beautiful and soft maxi dress to an event in Bellevue a few weeks ago. It touched the ground, so I found myself having to carry the dress when I walked.

I’m not that incredibly short, but I am certainly no model, so anything that hits the knees or that sort of awkward knee-shin area makes me feel shorter.

And let’s face it, I live in city where summer comes in August and lasts 4 weeks with a few random splashes of sun here and there before and after the short lived season. So wearing a dress anytime other than those 4 weeks doesn’t appeal to me greatly. It is raining, and I want to be cozy and warm.

I am however in love with this dress from Zara. (And I just realized I should have bought it last night, when they still had a size small. So sad.)

I like the clean lines & simplicity of this dress from Mango.

Another one from Zara. I am in total love with shape, cut and fabric of this dress. Adorable.

I adore the shape and the contrast of the fabric on this one. Also available on Mango.

More from Zara. I tell you, now that online shopping is available in the USA, that website will be the end of any bonuses from work I receive. Such classic pieces and affordable.

I’m quite in love with that patterned Zara dress, I just love the silhouette…that may need to be purchased if it’s still available next week. You never know when you may need to dress up a bit 🙂

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  • Sarah

    @Seaotta this is perfectly written! Thank you for addressing the subject of petites! Please don’t deprive yourself of wearing the most beautiful garments for woman because of your height! The Zara dresses you highlighted are so beautiful for you. Celebrate your beauty and your body type! I would recommend mini dresses for you, to give you the added height. The Zara dresses are perfect and so feminine! Thank you!

    • Sarah, thank you so much for your comment! I am quite falling in love with the mini dresses and will probably be purchasing one of the ones from Zara. They are just too beautiful 🙂