Must Hear: New album ‘Elektrafone’ by Beats Antique

I’ve been neglecting music posts, and I had to write one about the new Beats Antique album.

Beats Antique is a group with a unique sound, pulling from world roots and mixing in electronic beats. They are a treat for the ears and for the eyes, as they put on an immensely entertaining performance with live with instruments, computerized beats, and dancing. It was the strong middle eastern sound that pulled me to a few if their albums, ‘Blind Threshold’ and ‘Collide’. The fusion of world music is artfully mastered by members David Satori, Zoe Jakes, and Tommy Cappel, creating beautifully mystic beats.

While ‘Elektrafone’ still maintains an eastern world mystique, the group’s experimentation with a little bit harsher dubstep beats is more prominent. Even more so, their experimentation with allowing different styles, like jazz, to have a more prominent sound within the eastern stylings has made this album a stand out from their older albums that I’ve heard.

I like to be able to hear the evolution of a group through each new release. Beats Antique is on the right track.

Top 3 Tracks:

1. Cat Skillz (this is a must hear, I can’t get enough)
2. Alto
3. We Swarm – the Glitch Mob (Beats Antique Remix)

The remix of We Swarm is so good, it breathes new life into the original track. I love a good remix, and damn did they do good.

You can listen to and purchase the album here.

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