SBTRKT at the Neptune

Another artist to add to the list of live shows in 2011. SBTRKT (Subtract) played at the Neptune in the U-District last week. A small little venue, we had worried the place wouldn’t fill out, as it was fairly empty until about 9:30, and it just seemed like no one was going to show up.

The venue is being restored, and stained glass art depicting mermaids and Neptune surround the main floor, and glowing, blue eyed heads of the sea god line the ceiling.

It has a charm about it, and is a great venue for an intimate show.

There were two openers, the duo above were a Canadian group, a little too 80s for my taste. Maybe if it was my Sophomore year of high school I’d be into it. But the hardcore 80s phase died for me years ago.

DJ Kid Hops however, was spinning before and after the Canadian group and I’m excited to know that he is a local DJ. Looks like we may need to start a weekly night out at the Baltic Room.

And then SBTRKT finally came on and put on a great show. I dig electronic beats and traditional instruments. Reminds me of the group Big Gigantic, saxophones and all that jazz.

The SBTRKT duo has a great sound and bring a great energy. The show was short, but they are up and coming with only one full length studio album and a handful of singles and EPs. I would love to go to one of their DJ set shows. I enjoy the remix aspect of those types of shows.

Nonetheless, I really enjoyed such an intimate show and I’m looking forward to seeing this duo evolve.

Hide or Seek – I’m currently in love with this track. I love beats & violins.

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