For the Love of Shoes

For the Love of Shoes: Ruthie Davis

I love a good shoe design, and when I say good I mean, unique, structurely interesting, fierce and functional. Camilla Skovsgaard and Anastasia Radevich are currently two designers at the top of my list for designing such beautiful heels.

It was through that I stumbled upon Ruthie Davis.

I of course pick a few of the most fierce heels to share, but I love loud shoes, and these are loud. I would love to own a few pairs of her shoes, the loud and the classic styles. Her simpler, classic styled heels still have some attitude to them in color and shape.

The spikes and the sort of industrial style heels at the bottom of the image are amazingly fierce & have beautiful structure. I’m in love.

Another amazing designer to add to the watch list.

Ruthie Davis Online

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