A Late New Year

I’m not one to fall behind on posts, especially for a new year, but the last two weeks have involved an ER visit and illness. Not exactly the way one would hope to start the new year. But it happened & it is over, so onward and upward to better things in 2012.

I started the new year with a bang at Resolution, hosted by DList Magazine and USC Events at Wamu Theater. We saw Congorock, Hyper Crush, DJ Benzi, Johnny Monsoon, and NERO at midnight!

The countdown was kind of surreal and epic, Nero dropped the track ‘Doomsday’ to start the set off. I had made this prediction ahead of time, as how could he not drop ‘Doomsday’ at the beginning of 2012? It was perfect.

The vocalist for Nero Alana Watson was there to sing live, and being so short I couldn’t see her and thought it was a track playing, but no! She sounds exactly the same live as she does recorded. That is always a pleasant surprise.

We started off the New Year with a lot of fun. Avicii is in about a week and a half, and I’m so looking forward to seeing him.

We are plotting our music adventures for the year. They would have continued this evening with Kraddy in Bellingham, but it started dumping snow & has not stopped. (And you don’t drive in the snow in the Seattle area. It’s everyone else you have to worry about.)

I have lots of exciting news to share soon, just need to wait until the time is right. Now that my immune system is back in check, posts will continue to pop up more.

As always, thanks for reading, and a belated happy new year to you all!

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