For the Love of Shoes

For the Love of Shoes: Bright & Neon Glam

Perhaps the cold & winter is finally getting to me, especially being snowed in and sick doesn’t help. On top of that, all the travel documentaries I have been watching are giving me & my boyfriend the travel bug. We are determined to plan a vacation somewhere warm. Bright colored outfits and sandy exotic beaches have been on my mind.

I’m also loving the color blocking trend for spring & summer and there have been some incredibly vibrant shoes I’ve had my eye on, which just add to the longing for warm weather.

I do love neon and bright bright colored shoes for the warmer months. A relatively neutral colored outfit with brightly colored shoes can be so simple yet eye catching. Designer Ruthie Davis is always postings photos to her Facebook Page of herself in her shoes, and the outfits are always so well put together.

Ruthie Davis is perhaps one of my new favorite designers, and I love the boldness of her collections. The designs are edgy, fierce and stand out. Her upcoming spring/summer collection is vibrant and fierce, and I love how bold and unique the designs are.

Giuseppe Zanotti has some bright and vibrant shoes as well, some following the color blocking trend.

Also loving some of the bright Brian Atwood pieces for his resort collection.

I’m looking forward to spring and summer like never before! Fashion trends for the warm months have me dreaming even more. Now if only this snow would stop. Seattle shuts down when this happens, and it has been one of the worst snow storms in a while.

Conveniently, I live in one of the spots that has seen snow everyday for the past 6 days.


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