Swede Dreams – Avicii at the Paramount

Last Wednesday was the Avicii show in Seattle, how quickly it came and went! I swear it was yesterday I had bought tickets and it seemed so far off! I was just happy to be able to see him live. There were some younglings in the crowd, and I tend to want to avoid all ages shows because they bring a different vibe.

Avicii did not disappoint either. House music normally isn’t my thing, but for as young as he is and how much I enjoy his music, I just wanted to go and experience it live. He really is an exceptional DJ, and this show only solidified that fact for me.

On top of a great show, Avicii & his manager are donating $1 million from the tour to Feeding America. House for Hunger. Props to Avicii for turning having a good time into having a good time for a cause.

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