Beats Antique at the Showbox Sodo

It was on a whim we went to the Beats Antique show, we had seen them before but the last minute promise of good company prompted me to snag tickets. I am glad I did. We have only seen them open for other acts, and while their openings were so awesome, for some reason I didn’t expect how much grander their own show could be.

Belly dancers–dancers in general–elaborate and beautiful costumes combined with a world fusion electronica mix, Beats Antique is unique. The show was comparable to my first Shpongle show in terms of performance. Perhaps it is the romantic in me, but eastern influenced music, that eastern mystique is interesting and beautiful to me. This is performance art & when combined with some heavy bass wobbling world fusion, the result is beautiful.

Definitely a show for the books.

Free Beats Antique Download

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