2012: Year Review in Images

I’m a little late this year with the image review. Our trip to Hawaii was suddenly here and then I entered full relaxation mode. More about that later though.

2012 certainly kept me busy in more ways than I ever imagined!


It snowed. A lot.

Avicii at the Paramount

Beats Antique at the Showbox


I started a new job in downtown Bellevue as a graphic designer for an award-winning PR firm that is the 2nd largest in the world.

A baby otter was born in the Seattle Aquarium, stealing the hearts of all.

My Black Milk Clothing addiction kept strong.


Metropolitan Fashion Week in Bellevue

The first Big Mama Margarita Tour attempt in Bellingham with all of our lovely friends. Maybe we’ll succeed this year and make it to all Jalapenos restaurants for Big Mamas.

Emancipator at the Wild Buffalo in Bellingham


The sun came out. It’s a big deal in the Seattle area.

My first business trip to Portland, OR.

Trips to the other side of the mountains.


The Lina Zeineddine boutique opened & the logo I designed for the brand was on everything. Life goal accomplished: helping to create the brand assets for an emerging fashion designer.

Traveled to Omaha for my brother’s college graduation. Decided Omaha isn’t too bad. Probably because of the sun and the Old Market area.

First Hike of the year.

More Bellingham visits.


Cherry Harvest in Orondo was approaching.


Paradiso Festival at the Gorge


Trip to Spokane

Pend Oreille Lake Cabin

Cherry Harvest happened so I decided we needed to infuse vodka with real cherries.

Trying out shoe samples with Lina at the Lina Zeineddine boutique

Capitol Hill Block Party

Jacques Greene

Lina Zeineddine Collection Launch Party

Another hike to the top of mountain in the Cascades.

Rene Ropas Come Alive Fashion Show


Vogue became our new addition to the family

Traveled even further west across the Puget Sound with my brother before he left for Scotland.


Winery Touring in Lake Chelan

Soaking up sun in Seattle before it disappeared for winter.

Another trip to Portland to meet the rest of my creative team.

Decibel Festival 2012


L.A. Fashion Week


New tattoo


More travels to the east side of the mountains.

Sadly this would be our last trip over to see Pepper dog. RIP little man.

My first surgery


Holiday party ready

Christmas in Spokane

The Christmas tradition of drinks at O’Dougherty’s with my brother


Cheers to you 2012. Onward to the adventures of 2013.

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