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ready for the week(end)

Picture blast from the past week.

photo (57)
Vogue baby looking adorable with her chew toy.

photo (58)
Luxury Rebel shoes. I’ve been wearing the boots a lot. They’re comfy.

photo (59)
Ciaté Nail Polish. My new favorite brand. It seems to hold up much longer and goes on really nicely. This color is called Cupcake Queen.

photo (60)
I’ve been on a cooking binge lately. I’ve started making everything myself. These are salted caramel brownies.

photo (61)
Stalking me while I cook.

photo (1)
Zara scarf / Betsey Johnson Boots / H&M skirt & top // on a side note: Zara is finally coming to Seattle. So excited!

photo (63)
Black Milk leggings & Senso shoes <3

photo (64)
From my office last Friday night. Seattle off in the distance.

Lots going on, more travel in a little over a week, down to Portland for work. Meanwhile, I’m wishing I could be in New York for fashion week. Maybe need to plan a little better for next year.

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