Summer Skin – Pt 1

It’s been about 4 months since I posted last. Where did spring & summer go already? It’s August and I feel like I’m standing still, gaping, saying: “But, but, but…I haven’t even hiked or gone camping yet!” This year in general is a giant blur &  I have a lot to catch up on


May started off with a trip to the Hood Canal on what turned out to be the first hottest weekend of the year…upper 80s…in May…in Washington. Unheard of. It was a beautiful & relaxing weekend with my favorite people in the world.






We did take a hike & a long drive exploring some backroads in the Nation Forest, north of North Bend.


May was over in a flash & the craziness of June ensued. Work was crazy per usual & I took on some freelance design work. I boldly went where I had not gone before & had half of my hair chopped off. I’m loving asymmetrical cuts (and my love of Black MIlk is still going strong).



Went to Portland in the middle of June for work again & actually made it downtown in the evening but I’d been up since 3:30, so we walked around a bit and went to the Deschutes brewery, which was delicious.
img_3321.jpgStopped at Powell’s for another Game of Thrones book & got cozy at the hotel.


Made a trip over to eastern Washington to see the boyfriend’s family  & their new addition to the family. Little Buster the mini wiener dog. Cherry harvest was getting ready to start.

img_3376.jpg img_3381.jpg
img_3409.jpg img_3402.jpg

And of course, I made an early birthday purchase from Black Milk <3 Others followed but I was stoked about this package.


Lots of traveling in the beginning of the summer. Actually, there was lots more and there will be more travel at the end of August.

Another of my favorite things about summertime in Bellevue…supercars! Aston Martins, Lamborghinis, Ferraris. and R8s. I’m a Top Gear fiend so I love to see these cars around.



Coming up: Paradiso Festival, Spokane, Magenta hair & a trip to Bellingham 🙂

I hope everyone else has had a great summer so far!

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