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Summer Skin Pt 2

September was a blur with a wedding in California, followed by a trip to Las Vegas, followed by a move, and then a trip to Portland. So without further ado..

Summer Part II!

I celebrated my 25 times around the sun with Paradiso Festival, and Tiësto played at midnight so it was all a dream come true to see him live and serenade me into my birthday. And the Gorge was beautiful as always.

the gorge

Made a brief trip to the other side of the state & enjoyed the sunshine in Spokane, with a stop in Wenatchee to see the latest puppy addition.

And I’m loving my magenta orange turned pink ombre hair. Stay tuned, posts for Vegas and my 24 hour createAthon design blitz for nonprofits in Portland coming up soon! Now that I have time to write.

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