Seahawks, Skoah, and Snow

Washington State as been a flurry of excitement this month. Maybe you heard, our Seahawks won the Superbowl! My company let us go downtown to watch the parade. It was fun, and I’m glad I went, but never again. My legs were so stiff from standing in 25 degree weather for 4 hours. I have never experienced that level of cold.



Because of the Seahawks win, there were lots of 12th man giveaways going on and I won a power facial with Skoah Skincare. Obviously super excited, I never win anything. I went to their Downtown Seattle location (they have 3 in Washington, one in downtown, one on Capitol Hill and one in Bellevue.)

Their location on Pike is small & cute – just the perfect size actually. A girl named Cristina did my facial & it was absolute heaven. When I went in I was hesitant about booking another appointment but I did when I left. I also purchased a jar of their klearity mask to help with blemishes.

I am a hardcore Dior skincare advocate but the addition of Klearity Mask to what I already use has left my skin glowing & despite prescriptions from the dermatologist I’ve been using, I am finally happy with how good my skin looks.


And then it snowed. It snowed the night of my boyfriend’s company party. It started right as we were leaving and by the time we got to Bellevue, mind you its 7 minutes into downtown Bellevue from where we were, it was sticking!

The Point Inside company party was a lot of fun though, it was nice to chat with the few people who I worked with when I was there. It was at Cast Iron Studios which is owned by the same people who own Lot No. 3 & Purple Cafe & Wine Bar (which are always fab), so it was a great party.

I was not wearing appropriate shoes for the snow (style before snow though, I mean really). And it was actually quite glorious to take my shoes off in the snow and walk to the car. Probably why my feet didn’t hurt later.

One of my boyfriend’s employees came up to me and told me that it was nice to see someone who took the term cocktail attire seriously. I was so beyond flattered. My goal is to be the best dressed always, even with pink hair!





Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend! So happy that the sun is setting later and later. It makes such a difference.



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