Sassy Sassenach: Outlander Inspired Fashion

OK OK, I admit I have a problem. I am OBSESSED with Starz’s new series Outlander. I started the book while on vacation before the show aired. I was 45 pages in, then I watched the first episode of the series and promptly read the remaining 805 pages in 3 days. I haven’t read that big of a book that quickly since I was in grade school…and even then, 850 pages took me a month.

The costume detail in the show is phenomenal and I find myself wishing we still dressed like that. I’m sure my mind might change after being put into a corset, but there is something so beautiful and enchanting about the outfits that really makes me long for that kind of fashion.


Everything is from Free People…mostly because I love Free People and found these all while shopping online, but they are the first place I would go to find clothes if I was planning to go find a standing stone circle, fall through, and get lost in 18th century Scotland.



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