2014: To the Moon & Back

2014. What a long yet incredibly fast year. Funny how so much happens that when you look back on the year, some things seem like an eternity ago.

Through all the terrible worldwide things that have happened this year, I’ve stopped to reflect more and remind myself how blessed I am with wonderful friends, wonderful family, a wonderful significant other (and our furry babies), and a wonderful group of creatives that I get to call my team.

So many wonderful things happened between travel to new places, friendships formed that extended beyond the workplace, and rediscovering a passion for something and having it ignited again so fiercely (reading, TY Diana Gabaldon for Outlander!).

2014 was a year of new skills: cooking, crocheting, completing my first big web project at work. Finally taking responsibility for my financial situation. You can still put money in savings and have a life (but seriously fuck credit cards).

In August I did something completely uncharacteristic and bought tickets to Hamlet in London, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. I’m building a trip around that event for Ryan & I. England and Scotland. Finally. A huge dream come true: travel to the UK in the autumn. I cannot wait for 2015.

The past two days I’ve been dealt a few cards that caught me off guard, that have made me want to kiss this year goodbye and shove it off a cliff. (Sorry 2014, but its true.)

On Monday, my partner in crime at work, the other web designer, my mentor, told us his last day is next week. I’m so incredibly happy for the opportunity he’s taken & for his family. But I’m also incredibly selfish & wish it wasn’t happening. When you lose a good team member it’s like being punched in the gut. So I’m upset. Happily upset. Damn you Jeff. Who’s gonna send me Loki/Tom Hiddleston GIFs now??


So 2015. Here’s to you, and the many adventures that wait. I have resolutions and a lot of them are the same old stereotypical ones. Get fit. Eat better. Save money. Perhaps the biggest one is to get over my fear of speaking up in meetings, or in front of a group, or presenting projects. It’s been my biggest hinderance. And for someone who grew up being constantly talked over and never listened to in class or with friends, after 26 years, its a weird feeling to try and find your voice in that way.

2015. Let’s do this.

Happy New Year, xoxo,


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