concrete and metallic planters

Concrete: Modern Home Decor

concrete and metallic planters

While I was in the process of building my wedding registry, I came across these succulent planters in the Handmade section on Amazon. It was love at first sight so I added them immediately. The concrete with gold metallic accent felt so chic and modern but also just unusual and unique enough that I needed to have them. One of my good friends bought them from the registry for me.

I have now been turned on to the concrete home décor trend and am obsessed with so many items either handmade on etsy or available from larger retailers like Crate and Barrel and West Elm. Check out some of my favorite pieces below.


1. West Elm Concrete Dome Pendant | 2. Square Planters by BetonDeko  | 3. Crate & Barrel table | 4. Metallic & Concrete Coasters by Badseed



5. Pencil Holders Copper by BetonDeko | 6. Concrete Letters by Concrete Alphabet | 7. Marbled Concrete Bowl by Birch Bear and Bee | 8. Concrete Marbled Vanity Tray by TrendBolt | 9. Marbled Square Concrete Box by INSEKDESIGN | 10. Marbled Hurricane Lamp by INSEKDESIGN

Ryan and I are currently in the process of getting ready to buy a home and though its still probably a few months off, I can’t wait to decorate and make things our own.



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