Witchy & Wicca Jewelry Brands

witchy and dark jewelry brands

I’m not one for mainstream jewelry, it’s not that I don’t like it, there are some delicate pieces that I occasionally find that I like, but I really love pieces that stand out and say something about me. Even my engagement ring isn’t “standard”, as I told my husband I didn’t want your standard engagement ring.

Lately I’ve gravitated toward the witchy, darker, sometimes Mad Max-esque jewelry. I love oxidized metals, crystals and Wiccan symbolism. There’s a big fat pentagram cuff out there that Pamela Love made. If only I could get my hands on that cuff. I still dream about it.

But while I can’t get my hands on that cuff, these are the brands I turn to when I need a splash of dark or supernatural in my outfit.

Rogue + Wolf

Shop Rogue + Wolf

Trickery Co

Shop Trickery Co

Open the Cellar Door

Shop Open the Cellar Door

Jamie Spinello

Jamie Spinello’s Shop


Shop HedonistInc

I hope you find something that speaks to your inner mystical self. There’s so many more gorgeous jewelry brands out there but these are some of my personal favorite, and they’re more affordable than more well-known and pricier brands. I can never find what I want in mainstream jewelry brands and I love that I can find so many unique, smaller brands that speak to me.



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