Welcome to my corner of the internet! This space has evolved over the years, it started in the late 2000s as a way to recap my experiences after moving from Spokane to Bellingham and my college life that ensued there.

Now that those days are long gone, this is my spot to share my personal style and travel adventures while residing in the Seattle area. By day I am a web designer, building things at Microsoft, by night I am a homebody who loves to cook, cuddle with her two pups and husband, and go to barre class.

The inspiration behind Une Cherette:
The women that Art Nouveau artist Jules Chéret depicted as “joyous, elegant and lively” were labeled ‘Cherette’.

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  • You write very well, and I’ve had the exact same experience with interacting with some of my favorite artists. You say you aren’t an album reviewer, but I found your brief overview of Divergent Spectrum to be the exact amount of information I would have needed to read that and go purchase the album had I not already done so. Keep spreading the dub love.

    • Thank you so much 🙂

      I will spread the dub love forever. I am immersed in that scene too deep to ever get out of it.

  • Hey much love to you i was browing around and came across ur site… p.s thanks for the s/o 😉
    – Gerard

  • Hey Stephanie – fellow Seattleite here.. love your design work!

    I just launched a new fashion website and would love to hear what you think: frillofit.com

    Thanks – happy weekend 🙂